Tour De Trike with Little Tikes (AD) July 14th

Anyone that knows me will know that Frank and I are often whizzing round places on his trike, we are always out and about on school runs and meeting friends so being in a buggy all the time can be very mundane.

When Little Tikes contacted me to see if Frank and I would like to take part in their ‘Tour de trike’ influencer campaign I was absolutely delighted. Little Tikes are like the creme de la creme of children’s toys they know what children like so I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Little Tikes sent Frank the Perfect fit 4-in-1 Trike its for children age 9months to 5 yrs, it grows with them eventually becoming a trike they can steer and pedal themselves (perfect right?)

The teal colour is lovely and catches you’re eye, Frank squealed with excitement as daddy assembled it trying to get on it at every opportunity!

I am very impressed with the Trike, the steering is so smooth and feels very secure and the handle adjusts to a good height for my husband to comfortably use it also.

I have to say the accessories are fantastic! The storage bucket at the back is a really good size you can fit a small bag in it or a ball, nappies, wipes and still have space! I’ve not found a trike with such a big storage space its perfect! Frank loved the drinks holder it’s great for these hot days and he also enjoyed some yoghurt raisins from there too.

We went for a little trip to a beautiful flower farm and the trike made it so easy for Frankie to touch and smell the flowers, to Franks delight the owners also had some lovely dogs he got to stroke.

I prefer using a trike to a buggy, I love my buggy but a trike makes for a more exciting journey for a little one, he never wants to get in his buggy but will happily get into the trike.

I think he feels more grown up in a trike especially when his siblings are on their bikes, there’s more of a sense of fun. He can see around everywhere and I think it feels like more of an adventure.

I pushed Frank along the rows of flowers and we watched the bumble bees and butterflys as they landed on them. I selected some lovely flowers and then we went home for lunch.

We’ve since been out for ice cream and to the park using the trike and I’m pleased to say it is a huge success!

Thankyou Little Tikes we look forward to many more adventures and are delighted to be taking part in #tourdetrike.

This is a collaboration with little tikes and all opinions are my own.

It’s all coming back to me now….

I’m tired.. there I said it. I’m tired, he’s tired, she’s tired were all bloody tired but who’s more tired? The parent that goes out to work? The parent that stays at home? The teenager? The grandparents? The daily commuter? We are all trying to live the best lives we can, trying to make the most of the thing’s, multitasking the shit out of life and sometimes we can just be tired, its fine! We can all be tired in our own right.

I don’t go out to work, I work at home raising human’s, it’s really easy.. said no parent ever! It’s incredibly challenging, sleep depriving, ill-paid and there’s a fair lot of heavy lifting involved. My baggage has become rather extensive coming in the form of four human’s, weighing heavily on my mind, body and soul leaving my brain feeling a bit frazzled and foggy. I thought baby brain was something you had initially after having a baby but mine seem’s to have hit a little later.

All it took was nearly two week’s of a poorly baby and it left me feeling like a zombie! I mean when they are tiny you expect not to sleep, it’s fine they need you, at times I even enjoyed it, peaceful milky cuddle’s in the night just me and my little human totally in sync and totally in love. Nearly a year down the line and the sleepless night’s are not quite the same, even when your little human is poorly a few nights Is manageable but by about day four your patience is less than desired, when you can’t do anything to help them and even a cuddle doesn’t seem to cut it it’s hard not to get frustrated.

Frank is going through a mahoosive clingy stage where I can’t leave the room without him following me and crying at my leg’s, it’s amazing how quick you forget these trying stage’s and how hard they can be especially with some sleep deprivation added to the mix. I feel bad that I can’t hold him for every second of the day but I’m not sure that would make him happy either. It’s just a delightful stage my boy has to through because he loves me so much!

This week I feel like those memories the ones we block out so well, I feel like they just came back with a flying head butt! Oh yes, yes I remember now I remember cooking dinner with a child attached to my leg, dribble and snot down the back of your jeans (which you will forget about and go out the house in) Emptying the dishwasher, quickly removing the knives to avoid a massacre whilst the baby climb’s up and practically inside it. Trying to hoover whilst your child turn’s off the hoover a million times is also a delight. But the sleep, man I love sleep, that I do remember!

I camped in with the boy’s at the weekend, I slept on the bottom bunk and had a whole night’s sleep! It was needed it was a bit of a do or die situation, I die of sleep deprivation or my husband dies from my wrath, he wanted his wife back not the witch he was currently living with, so we thought it best for everyone.

It was nice, it wasn’t what dreams are made of there was definitely a faint smell of wee coming from the bed (Stan was once a serial bed wetter) I just shut my eyes, ignored it and sailed away to the land of nod. It was worth it and definitely recharged me a tad, like I say I love sleep and with me enough is never enough but it was good and I managed to find some motivation to have a fun day with the kid’s. We visited Millet’s farm centre to have a look at the Christmas decoration’s, it was lovely and the kid’s thought it was brilliant the singing reindeer’s were a massive hit!

We have just hit leap 8 in the wonder weeks where Frankie will learn about sequence’s, he may start to show me what he want’s to do which will ease his frustration. He may also start to understand patience and see when I am doing something and start to understand he has to wait a minute. At least this is what it tells me, I am going to take this leap as a positive that’s going to ease things up a bit and basically stop the kid hanging of my leg.

Who am I trying to kid? I can live in hope right?

Note to self…. Buy Stan a new mattress

Surviving September….

The summer has been and gone, it’s like a distant memory that you’re not sure whether it actually happened or not. We had a great last week by the sea, the weather was fab and Frank got to play in the sea for the first time! We hired a paddle boat, went swimming, crabbing, visited a park and ate and drank far too much! (That’s what you do on holiday right?)

we stayed in Bournemouth but whilst there we visited mudeford which I fell in love with and shall definitely be re-visiting. It was very quaint and alot quieter than Bournemouth, the quay is a short walk which was abundant in people crabbing and fishing the kid’s loved it! There was a lovely looking restaurant called the noisy Lobster right on the sea front and there is a little ferry that can take you on a short jurney across to Mudeford sandbank.

Now we’re back to the grind, back to healthy eating, back to school run’s and back to rainy morning’s!

The first week back was a triumph we were on time, presentable, organised, happy-ish and the kids settled back in well. I have also settled back in well, settled in to not hearing mum, mum, mum all day long and I must say the novelty of that has not worn of just yet!
Here are some of my school run survival tips or at least what I do on a good day…


– Do not hit the snooze button! Just don’t do it!


– Fuel on caffeine the husband leaves me a cuppa on the side every morning (good egg)


– Tell the kid’s to get dressed as soon as there up, once they’re on that sofa I might as well be speaking to a brick wall


– Lay uniform out the night before


– Give the children job’s to do, such as fill water bottles, put bags in car, empty dishwasher, this is not only a massive help but life lessons, they need to learn this shiz!
– Feed the boy! Take a snack to pick up, the 5yr old has serious hanger issues, keep him fed he’s happy, happy kid’s happy mum!


– smile!!!!!!!
This never alway’s goes to plan and I generally forget something but it definitely helps.

With the school term come’s the dreaded after school activities….. Am I the only one that think’s after school activities are sent to kill us all off? Seriously I drive around endlessly chauffeuring my children to various activities, I even pay for the torment! Why? Do all these after school activities help mould them into the adults they become? Or just tire them even more? Am I just a sucker for punishment? The more children you have the more after school club’s, the more driving around, fee’s and general headache you have to deal with. On that note Stan start’s swimming lessons this weekend! (Sucker I hear you say)

whilst school club chauffeuring this week it dawned on me that actually I am living to serve, serve my children, my whole life revolves around their schedules, schooling, club’s, friend’s, sport’s, parties let alone having fun family times and making memories. I’m not complaining don’t get me wrong, my life choices and I’m very happy with my life, I chose to do this after all, I just came to the realisation that very nearly everything I do is for them and that’s major. I guess I never really realised how selfless parenting is, you just do it and don’t give it much thought. Since I had children young I tried and managed to have the best of both world’s have a social life, go out, be a mum and also be me constantly burning the candle at both end’s but I feel that slowly slipping away, there’s just not enough time in the day and I cannot deal with a hangover anymore! Of course I still go out just not so much and night’s out are definitely tamer… mostly. (It’s been a while since I ate a kebab in bed).

Frankie is 10 whole month’s old and has also learnt to climb the stair’s !!!!!! (God help me)

Quote of the week by Stanley B – “look at those cloud’s mum they look just like a Ballsack”

Fantastic il leave you there folk’s..

Summer Holiday’s ☀️

The summer holiday’s are here and we are loving life (kinda) well Stan’s buzzing like he’s eaten a grab bag of skittles!

It’s great that we have no crappy school run’s to do and can have fun enjoying each other’s company, making lots of memories but jeez it’s exhausting! Having to plan thing’s to do everyday especially with this shoddy English weather being so unpredictable! I hate making picnic’s, in fact I’m sick of the sight of them, and I don’t even make the sandwiches! I palm that job of to the husband!

Ive made a list of thing’s we would all like to do over the next 6 weeks and 2 week’s in I feel like I need to book myself into a day spa! That being said I love our little adventures, that’s half my problem, I like to keep busy.

It has been really lovely cosying up in the evening’s without having to rush the kids to bed for school and having early morning snugs. The last few days they have all started to get on and appreciate each other a little more too (dare I say it)


We had a nice weekend at Warwick castle, it definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there, the grounds are lovely and the bird show is fantastic! We took a picnic for the first day which was a good shout as the food que’s were huge! Word of warning the dungeon’s are definitely not child friendly, Bella was out in tears within about 3 minutes, scarred for life? I hope not but definitely not the best parenting decision made there! What we also didn’t realise until the second day is that Warwick town is literally right next to the castle and it’s a really lovely town definitely worth a visit.

In other New’s baby Frank has been trying to crawl so these summer hol’s could get more interesting! Wish me luck!


Quote of the week by Bella age 6 talking to her brother on our way to Warwick castle “when I’m like 20 mum and dad will definitely be dead”

fantastic darling! she obviously see’s us as very old…(sobs)