What’s it like to be two?

Mum mum mum mum mum we know the drill I mean it’s not like I’ve not done this before, he’s number four im used to hearing the same word repeated 6 billion times! I’m blimen super woman I can take on anything!

Haaaaaa If only that was true! Most of the time I feel like I’m just treading water. You see babies are different, children are different and we are different and changing all the time. With each child comes a different challenge, a different experience and lessons learnt. Get a child that’s strong-willed and be prepared for battle because it ain’t pretty il tell ya! These children are strong and they may change the world BUT with that comes defiance, battles, stand offs, the will to do everything themselves! It is tough but apparently a great character trait So I’ve been told! Hehe it blimen better be!

I have to stand at the car everyday whilst my darling 2yr old basically rock climbs into his car seat and don’t I dare try to help…. Choose your battles!

The world is changing we are surrounded by so much more, more things to do, we live faster, expectations are rising as we give our kids what we’re once luxuries on a more frequent basis. Sometimes I feel like our kids have so much to do that they have little time to recover, just rest and slow down. Down time seems to be diminishing as weekends get busier and busier filled with sports, parties, days out. I guess some of it comes from us wanting to make the most of life and enjoy everything we are blessed with but sometimes I think we all just need to slow down. Sometimes a pyjama day can be just as good as a day out, games at home, a movie, garden picnics these things are so precious. Giggles around the table with the kids getting on and a glass of wine to me is just perfection. We all keep so busy I sometimes wonder what it was like before, when we used our imaginations more and when if we wanted a barbie house we made one out of videos in the front room. Warm blackcurrant was a treat and penny sweets were like gold!

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is “it’s a lot….life is a lot. I can’t imagine how it must all look to a 2 yr old.

It’s exhausting!

See a few weeks back my youngest woke one morning and it was like a switch has flicked! He has been wild! His speech is really good now and he can do so much, physically he can climb, run…. man can he run! I’ve run after him more times than I can keep count of over the last few weeks. We’ve bought special straps to stop him escaping his buggy and switched between reins and his trike to try to give him more freedom but being out still seems to be a daily struggle.

Dinner times are getting better although I did have a roast chucked at me last week and we’ve had to fit the kitchen with a stair gate as he likes climbing on the sides and raiding the ice lollies!

I get it, he wants to run and be free he wants to explore this crazy world, but it’s not safe!  whilst he’s fully capable of doing all of this he hasn’t grasped the understanding of listening and holding my hand when he needs to and instead would must rather throw himself on the floor mid road crossing. It scares the living daylights out of me when he runs, the other day we were walking into school and he just turned and legged it!

Look at him like butter wouldn’t melt!

Suffice to say we now have these extra clips on the buggy and car seat to keep him contained!

I kind of get it, all of this information floating around their little heads and all the exciting things to see and do yet they have to do what we say and when we say it. It’s a learning curve and for a strong-willed child (I seem to get them) I guess the transition maybe takes a little longer. As hard as it is when we are in the bubble there will be light eventually.

Terrible twos are rather terrible but terrible for all involved I guess, because I don’t think these little people know what the hell they want and it’s all too overwhelming for their little brains to handle. They might push at times they might protest on the floor but it doesn’t make them bad they are just navigating and learning how to work this crazy world. As for sitting on the floor and protesting I wish I could do that sometimes!

So with that il stop looking for answers and solutions and just let my boy find his way. I will keep deep breathing, keep the wine chilled and wait for the storm to pass.

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