The most mermaizing time!

March and April are Birthday season in the Bud house, I think we have 4 in the space of 5 weeks, I know right?!

When Clare from Little cotton tents contacted me to see if Bella would like to have a sleepover using their tents I jumped at the chance! When I had a look on the website I thought there was no way we would fit them in our house but I had to find a way! As you know pictures can be deceiving and I think I could have deffo squeezed in another few! Next time!!

Bella jumped at the chance, I said she could only have one friend as we don’t really have the space but could probably fit 2 in the living room. (thank the lord)! She was happy and couldn’t wait for the day to come! We counted sleeps, hours, minutes you get my drift! The excitement levels were high!

Clare arrived promptly and set up everything, She was like Mary poplins with a never ending bag of tricks, it was filled with all sorts of beautiful sparkly things, Bella’s eyes lit up more and more as it all came together.

Clare also left us with a spare bed and pump just in case which wasn’t needed but definitely good to have just in case!

We went off to the cinema and when we returned the girls set up at their stations! They didn’t move all evening, we had pizza and they made hamma beads. Clare provided the girls with robes and pamper kits which they thought were great it was so sweet just watching them smelling each other’s hand creams and giggling at their hair bands, the whole experience was just adorable!

I painted their nails and put their face mask on which again they thought was hilarious and they had a bit of fun putting cucumber on their eyes.

The fairy lights and little candles were such a sweet touch the girls were just in love with everything they wished they could have kept it!

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive with sleepover but this made it so magical and was a total success I mean I just wished I was at it with my friends! Watching Bella with her friend seeing her so happy was an absolute delight and I’m so glad we did it, I’m sure it was an evening she will never forget. Bonus.. they slept all night! Sleepover success!

Prices start from £140 for 4 tents and £25 per tent after that, there are different designs, Harry Potter, unicorns and lots more all equally amazing! Little cotton tents is a small family run business based in Oxfordshire and Clare was a pleasure to meet, there is so much thought and detail gone into these packages you won’t be disappointed. I’m so glad we got to use them and spread the word, thankyou Clare!

This was a gift from little cotton tents all opinions are my own and I think the pictures say it all! Mermaizing!

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