My microblading experience

Back in the summer I had my eyebrows microbladed, I have been asked about them a lot so thought I’d do a little blog to explain and share my experience.

Say what??

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow treatment designed to fade naturally and eventually disappear altogether so that you’re not left with unnatural looking faded colour that looks unsightly. Brows aren’t all the same, we are all different so the results may be different depending on your individual skin type. On drier skin, the results are very defined, while very Oily skin can give a more powdery result.

It is done using a special tool which looks like a cosmetic brush, it has tiny needles on one end which are dipped in pigment and used to make tiny cuts in the skin. The therapist draws tiny stokes like hairs to achieve a real brow look.

The science..

The iron oxide base in the pigment allows the colour in the micro pigmentation to fade slowly over time, unlike the inks usually used in permanent cosmetic tattoos. The depth of the pigment is also carefully controlled to achieve natural looking results.

My eyebrows never grew back from my teenage years and to be honest my attempts at drawing them on were poor to say the least, I decided to take the plunge.

The lovely Jenni from Bare essentials performed my microblading and she was amazing, extremely professional and put me completely at ease.

I went and met Jenni first for a consultation and knew immediately she was the right person for the job. On the first treatment Jenni mapped my brows, tweaked any bits I wanted her to then got to work.  I went back 8 weeks later to have them topped up and I also had them darkened. Jenni had initially suggested I have them darker but I think I was too scared!

I personally didn’t find it painful, I would say parts made me wince a little bit at times but at times I could have fallen asleep!

I followed my aftercare religiously using coconut oil every day morning and night after the first few days and had no problems at-all.

Finished results….

All I can say is I wish I had them done sooner, it is the best money I have spent on myself and I absolutely love them!

You can also find Jenni on Instagram here.

This is not an add and opinions are my own. I personally asked Jenni if I could share this as I’m so pleased with my results and would like to share a good Oxfordshire based business so if you’re in the look for some beautiful brows check her out and she can give you all the info you require.


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