A note on your birthday…

Whilst I sit here on you’re birthday eve I can’t believe I’ve had you for two whole years.

When i saw a positive on that test I knew you were ment to be.

You were born in a birthing pool at the spires birthing unit at the John Radcliffe hospital in oxford and fourth time round it still wasn’t any easier.

When you were born you were blue and the midwife rushed you away, those few minutes you were taken away from me I couldn’t even gather a thought I was blank and all I could see was the look of fear in Nanny’s eyes, just when I felt like my world was about to crumble I heard you cry and my heart was full, relief filled the room and I got to look into your eyes.

When I bought you home your siblings were so so proud they rallied around waiting turns to hold you and smiles filled their faces.

Bella wanted to hold you every second of the day!!

You are so loved and you complete us!

This last year we have enjoyed watching you learn so many new things! Hearing you talking and singing songs has brought us so much happiness and so much laughter. You can’t listen to a song without dancing and Bella and Stan love putting songs on for you to dance to.

We learnt you like your Nutella straight from the jar!

You also liked rumidging through the bin!

I think we have listened to old Mac Donald had a farm about 699 times and I love how it still brings you so much joy!

We have driven around the local farms just to stare at the cows and chickens in the fields and watch your face light up.

You have eaten about 100 ice lollies and still ask for them daily!

You like your custard creams separated. (This is fun)

I have cleared up approximately 100 dinner’s that you’ve refused to eat and retrieved about 10 toys from the toilet.

When I cuddle you, you pat my back and it melts me.

You are a very strong willed little human but you are also an incredibly loving one too. We all adore every hair on you’re head and I’m so glad you chose us because you my boy are one in a million.

Here’s to being 2 and all the adventures it will bring.

Love you Frankie B!

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