Can we wrap them up in cotton wool?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, life is flying by at the speed of light and as we jump from one week to the next when I think to write about something we’re into the next “phase” or something else is occupying my mind and, well it’s just all a bit overwhelming.

Frank is really testing the boundaries at the moment and I don’t think there are many locals that haven’t seen him kicking and screaming on the school run but alas I’m not going to talk about that now il save that for another time!

What I want to write about is my oldest child the 11yr old and not him in particular but in general his age and the fact that he has started the big wide world of secondary school.

Wow said everyone you must be so scared? you must be so sad?? Nope not me I was fine it’s so exciting and he was excited, I didn’t want to bring any negativity to something that is going to happen whether we like it or not. There is so much to be gained at secondary school friends, challenges, holidays and an opening to a world of learning and possibility that they may not even Know existed!

Joe was buzzing to start and I was so excited for him!

He went of on the school bus and I norotically wailed a little bit as we followed the bus in the car but all was well and he is really really happy there. As of yet I have not had to moan about him doing homework or being organised which I am shocked at as the boy often cannot find something right in front of him! He has astounded me and it’s been a really positive start to the term. There is a great app which parents get and it tells you all the homework set so you can check they are doing it and also when it’s due in! So clever! No getting away with that one bud!

There has been an array of new friends mentioned and he now wants to go out to play all the time, ping ping ping go the txt messages and then out of no where comes my complete and utter anxiety! what is my son is doing? who’s he with? what these people like? what do they talk about? Could they be a bad influence? and just like that I want to wrap him up in cotton wool and keep him with me forever, by my side away from all of the nasty in the world.

Now do I sound crazy? (maybe a little) I’m really worried about him making bad choices, all I can think is that this is his big chance and you have to take it. I loved school but I also followed the crowd, I certainly wasn’t an individual and did what i had to to fit in. Smoking from a really young age, drinking and to be honest not being particularly nice at times. I was a child and yes I was learning, I wouldn’t say I regret my choices but I just so desperately don’t want my son to follow the same path. I want better for him and I know if he applies himself he can be anything he wants to be.

I just want him to be ‘kind’ treat people how he wants to be treated, be an individual and know that it’s cool to be kind, like who you like and not follow the crowd! It takes a big person to say no, to apologise, to stand up for others and I think he has the ability to be that person.

Hopefully I’m worrying about nothing, he has made new friends and old ones have not been mentioned so much which I feel sad about but he has only been there for one term and is probably testing the waters. Im finding it really hard knowing what’s enough? How I should set the boundaries, I don’t just want to do what everyone does I want to do what’s beat for us all but also gives him freedom and shows I trust him. How much should I let him out to play? Family time is also important and I want him to still do things with us after all he is only 11 he is a child and still fairly naive. I want him to know that we are here for him and always an ear to listen, I told him that the other day and he said “of course you’re my mum” That one comment made my heart burst.

I don’t know if anyone can relate to this I’d love to hear from you if you do? or if you will all just think I’m a mad woman but I have so much rolling around in my head and I just feel like wrapping him up in cotton wool and pressing rewind!

Oh boy just know I love you and have your best interests at heart I so want to do right by you and I’m trying my best.

Parents of teens I salute you!

Thanks for reading


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