I wanted to write a blog post about how to survive the summer holidays but I have nothing….. well that not totally true I have things I would do next time, things I wouldn’t do but I am categorically not a summer holiday smasher more a mere surviver of a long uphill struggle.

The first few weeks were lovely the no routine was great and I had this lovely idea of us all at home playing together, baking and playing games whilst birds sang around our heads.

I survived just…. I feel absolutely shattered and like I am running on about 10% my body is crying out for some down time but just when that comes some disaster strikes! be it a spilt pot of painty sodding water splashed from floor to ceiling or a world war breaks out because one child crunched to loudly in front of the other. I mean I had 4 children so they would have each other but I spend most of my time thinking they would all rather be only children.

They are running me ragged and I know I am not the only one that has tidied up 600 times today and cleaned the wee from the toilet seat again but to me I am! I feel like “Beyoncé wouldn’t put up with this shit” as I huff my way around the pissy toilet seat once more trying desperately to rid the stench of boy wee that I will probably have ingrained in my nostrils for the rest of my days.

I’m sorry but I’m done I’m ready to say bye darling and get them through those gates, I’m ready for a coffee and a catch up with friends while the little one runs off all the steam at a toddler group and I drink all the tea. I am ready for a nap time where I can maybe have an hour to do sod all I am sooooo ready. A part of me feels bad saying this but I think we’re only human, I love spending time with my children but when it’s just you every day for 6 days of the week something has to give and if you can spend 6 weeks straight having the best days ever like the bloody 12 years of summer of whatever that quote was then good for you and I applaud you but I’m not that mumma I am now about half a stone heavier with double my monthly alcohol consumption I had before. We’ve laughed we’ve loved and we’ve cried it’s really bloody hard especially if you want to do it right there’s no guide book and we make mistakes. There’s so much pressure to have the best summer ever and sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are doing bloody great!

So I congratulate you if you have got this far and I hope you all had a lovely summer we have most definitely had some lovely times and made some great memories. But 6 weeks! come on we’re not bloody superheroes.

Enjoy your hot coffee’s next week, peace out!

Lessons learnt….

Save your holiday for the summer holidays

Book summer camps 😆

Stock up on activities 🤦🏼‍♀️

Keep wine chilled

Do some kind of wine relaxation/yoga

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