Feeling the heat

It’s so hot right? Its nice though it’s really nice, so good to finally have a summer holidays with some decent weather we’ve waited years for this. I also don’t think my summer clothes have ever seen so much action, the jeans are well and truly rested.

I’ve been trying to stay home more these holidays, we’re always out and about but it is exhausting and ends up costing a fortune. I thought it would be nice to try to enjoy the little things more like playing in the garden, baking, board games, paddling pool, movies, bike rides, paddling in the stream, the little things that come for free. It’s going well and we have had a nice day out to Cotswold wildlife park with nanny and a few play dates with friends along the way.

When I was younger my sister and I used to go to our “nanny goats” for a week every summer. We used to have so much fun just exploring and making our own fun, we would go to her cleaning jobs with her and have fun exploring these big houses! We would have eggy bread and omelette’s and would love every second. On the last night we would have a little party in the garden where we would light candles and tell stories, my nan would make us “elderflower champagne” we thought it was wine… it wasn’t! We had the best time and I hold those memories so dearly that I want to show my children these little things, the sweeter things in life, spark their imagination’s and bring back the magic!

So whilst the pools constantly being cleaned and the ice lollies are constantly re-stocked the pressures on! The pressure to fill everyday with sunshine and rainbows and keep everyone happy.

As we hit the half way line I’m feeling a little bit frazzled, like guys mum need a little down time, what happened to watching a film with some popcorn? My kids are go go go! Staying home is great when the kids comply but it can be incredibly demanding! Hats of to you mums and dads out their parenting their asses of these holidays because it’s not easy and it’s ok to say that, it doesn’t make you love your kids any less.

I love having the kids at home and being able to spend quality time with them, not having to usher them off to school at the crack of dawn is amazing but it’s NOT easy I try bloody hard not to lose it but sometimes enough is enough, especially when they are arguing over everything going!

“Mum” “mum” “mum” Constantly!

Also I’m pretty sure they know where the tap is? Do you wait on our kids hand and foot or do you simply say “you can go and get that darling” Or more realistically “I’m not the live in maid” ??

Is this ok? At what point do they have to start pulling their weight? My oldest empties the dishwasher every morning but that’s a drop in the ocean to a family of 6. I kid you not the second my bum hits a chair they need something else. Do I just accept that this is what becomes of having lots of children or do I get them to pull rank? It generally takes me losing my mind before they take note and then that lasts a matter of hours and we’re back to square one. I mean to get them to even tidy their bedrooms is a task!

What do you do? How do you run your ship?

Mine might sink if I don’t find a solution soon, I’d say I’m gonna run away with circus but I’m pretty sure I live with them……

The older kiddies are all of to a summer activity course today and I’m not gonna lie I’m so looking forward to a bit of quiet time and time to get some jobs done.

Anyhow let’s hope the sun keeps shining and the wine flowing because tiredness aside this is a beautiful summer and there’s a lot more fun still to be had!


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