The last summer….

This is my baby, my first-born, the boy who turned my whole world upside and made my heart burst with unconditional love. The boy who cried with happiness watching me and his Dad get married, the boy that makes me burst with pride in everything he does…..

Guys my big boys going to secondary school in September!!!! I feel like he’s flying the nest! Am I alone in this?

I specifically remember secondary school being a turning point from childhood to adulthood, the world of a teenager who thinks they are an adult. A naive child that thinks they’re an adult is more fitting to what you actually are but in their eyes an adult! The things I got up to doesn’t bare thinking about….

It’s so scary we’ve sailed through the last 11 years smoothly with not to many bumps, we’ve been really lucky that the boy has an awesome bunch of friends some that he’s been friends with since age 3!

Being football mad he’s also got to know boys from other local schools, we can go pretty much anywhere and if there’s someone with a football then he joins them it seems to be a mutual passion that builds a friendship in a second. I love this about football socially it’s fantastic not so much when it’s on tv all the time, but socially brilliant! he’s going to know so many of his year when he starts in September all thanks to football.

This last year at school has been filled with cycling proficiency training, a residential stay, a bubble wrapped sex ed talk, internet safety, first aid and soon a trip to a safety centre where the children will learn all sorts of things like making a 999 call. This is all the prep work, all the prep to send them up to secondary school ready to take more responsibility and care for themselves, ready for a little more freedom.

We are all different and how i choose to bring up my children will never be exactly the same as anyone else and that’s great, stand for what you believe in and do what you think is right! After all these boundaries, rules and structures are what makes a child feel secure and loved whether they realise or not.

I personally feel like I have to release the reigns a little bit and I am kind of ok with that but it is still scary. He has had a phone for the last year and has started going out with friends for an hour here and there, but come September he’s going to be getting on a school bus and possibly hanging out in the next town blagging me to come and pick him up later! I know I don’t have to let him do this but I trust him and he is a pretty mature kid, he has given me no reason so far no to put my trust in him so I guess this is when it gets tested. I have to give him chances, he will make mistakes that’s what we do and that’s how we learn but we will figure out what works and if I have to pull those reigns back in that’s what we will do.

I think I’m going to have to get him a door key!!!!! THIS seems massive!!! Bet he’ll blimen loose it he has his father eyes and can’t find anything!

I am actually really excited for him, for all he is going to learn, the fun he will have, the people he will meet. We all say it, these years are the best!!!!! Simple things like getting chips in the park with mates and playing in the stream in your shorts! Making prank calls and buying all the 10p crisps! These things are the best days and I feel like it is going to be such an amazing adventure for him.

This summer I’m gonna plan lots of fun family adventures and squeeze him as much as I can because I have an inclin that the next one he might not be around quite so much……

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