The Instamum series… Haus_of_boys

Being a mother of a tribe! I LOVE speaking to other mum’s of large families. I love finding out how they do it? How do they find homelife? what works for them?

One of the reasons I love Instagram is because you can do this, you can find people just like you living the same life. They maybe thousands of miles away but you can relate, share problems, ask for advice, laugh and share joy in their journey. I find so much inspiration from some of the people I follow and with that in mind I decided to ask some very inspiring Insta Mumma’s if they could share their stories…..

First up we have Fiona aka  haus_of_boys

Fiona lives in the countryside in Australia she is a little camera shy herself but the boys are anything but! They work it and they are a gorgeous bunch of lads! Fiona is clearly a fantastic photographer and the boys have wardrobes to die for!

Tell me a bit about yourself?

We are a family of 6, sometimes 7! You see I have 4 boys with my current partner but the boys also have a half brother from my previous relationship. My boys are Zach 19yrs, Benny 8, Harley 6, Jack 4 and Noah 3.

Did you always want to have a big family?

I never planned on having a big family! I never actually thought about it growing up. I knew I wanted kids and I always wanted my first to be a boy (haha looks like I wished for that a little too much)…. that being said I think I remember someone once asking me one how many kids I -wanted and I said 4!

Do your boys fight? How do you deal with it?

Yes my boys do fight! They love each others company and are definetly a close team, but of course they are boys and they can come to blows over who’s turn it is on the PS4 or over toys. I tend to make them apologise to each other and talk it out but if tensions are high I separate them.

What is your favourite way to spend time with your family?

My all time favourite thing to do with the kids is to go to the beach! Its one place where EVERYONE is happy and content to be there. They rarely fight or argue and we are all happy to be there all day… literally! Its our happy place!

Do you think its important to give the children one on one time?

Definetly important to have one on one time though I find it hard to do this. My 3yr old gets a lot because two of the boys go to school and one goes to kinder a few times a week. I feel my relationships aren’t  as strong without one on one time and its something I’m trying to work on this year.

What is the most important to you when it comes to bringing up the boys?

The most important thing to me is to bring them up to be compassionate, empathetic and generous human beings. I would be happy to know my kids grow up being mindful of the other people we share the planet with no matter the colour of their skin or what sex they are.

Its also important that they grow up as a tight knit brotherhood. I can grow old happy if I know they have each others back.

How do you balance homelife? There’s a lot of washing involved! Are you super organised or do you just wing it?

The balance is hard but we have morning and evening routine charts to keep some system going. I like to think I’m organised and I am in some sense but theres a lot of winging it involved too. I think when the boys are at school I will have more time to consentrate on keeping the home organised.

Do you get much time to yourself and for you and your husband?

I don’t make enough time for me!! I work a little job one morning a week but because of my husband’s long and frequent working hours there’s not much time for me to plan me time. I have a few events coming up soon without the kids so I do have some girls nights to look forward to!

My partner and I don’t get much time together at all because he works a lot, I know this isn’t healthy for our relationship and it’s definitely something we want to work on.

Your Instagram photo’s are so gorgeous! Are they hard to take? Are the boys compliment? The photo’s come across very natural to me..

It’s not easy! Sometimes the boys don’t want to do it but we do a lot of collaborations with kids fashion labels so some weeks I do have to push them a little more 🙈 . I do have to “pay” them in a way! Ben collects little oshi toys, Harley collects grocery gang and Noah gets Thomas the tank engine mini’s 😂 I literally take about 20 snaps and hope I get one that reflects their personalities!

If you could give 3 tips to any mother/ father out there what would they be?

1. Follow tour own instincts, there’s so much expectation of what a good mother or father should be but at the end of the day this is tour parenthood journey and you need to make it comfortable and suitable for you.

2. Make sure you get plenty of time out from your kids, it will honestly make you love them more and therefor a happier parent.

3. Try and keep a hobby or routine that you did prior to children (or start a new one) just so you feel like you do something for yourself to not just for your kids.

Lastly… any more babies????

Oh god no!!! I’m 42 now my baby days are over!!!

I saw this today on Fiona’s stories, the boys having mud ball fights!!! Made a laugh!

Head over to Instagram and check out Haus_of_boys for more fun pictures of this lovely clan!

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