Mum problem’s….

Brace yourself because this one is a bit of a moan…..

Do you know what really gets my back up? Really put’s me in a crappy mood, rile’s me, makes my blood boil?

Bloody places with staff that treat you like shite because you have children in tow!

Sod off!

I am so fed up of being made to feel like your not wanted in places, I get that we’re a bit of a tribe and we may not sit and whisper in the corner BUT we are paying customers and human beings who should be treated the same as the next!

Today I went to a cafe a big chain cafe which I won’t mention, the vibe was instantly cold from the manager serving me, not a smile, not a thankyou and even our drinks given to us in take away cups as a not so subtle hint!

It instantly got my back up and what did I do I bloody took it out on the kids and was ratty with them moaning every time they raised there voices, I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted them to be perfect angels but actually probably made them (one in particular) play up a bit because I was on his case.

Last year a few friends and I took our babies to a restaurant for lunch, my fave restaurant until that day. We turn up t the empty restaurant to be greeted by a mumbling waiter who immediately ummed and ahed about whether they had high chairs. He went off and came back to tell us that they were locked in a room they had no access to. We were there and the babies were small so we said we would keep them in buggies, there was plenty of room and they were good as gold. The manager served us throughout our meal with barely a word let alone a smile. We actually asked for things and got no reply and then them bought to us, “oh he did hear us?” we thought. Maybe he was having a bad day? Oh no every other person that walked through the door was welcomed with a smile and he completely changed.

It was nearly time to go and I decided I would change my little man’s nappy, as I went to change him in the disabled toilet and there they were 2 piles of high chairs stacked up! Not locked away at all, my heart sank and I felt absolutely gutted that a restaurant I had been to for years, recommended to friends and loved had treated me this way!

We left and I haven’t returned, I won’t return how we were made to feel was unacceptable and I hope no one else is made to feel like that by them again. We emailed a complaint to the head office to which they replied there was a mix up but it was just a cover up, at least they can be aware and hopefully stop it from happening again. I couldn’t believe it they didn’t want us there with our children, they had hoped that by not having high chairs we would have gone else where. Gutted doesn’t even come close to how I felt.

So that’s it I’m over it! next time I’m given an ice cold stare and made to feel unwelcome I won’t take it out on the kids I will try to relax and maybe I might just have the balls to tell them! Ok I probably won’t tell them but I won’t let my kids suffer and I will go somewhere else.

Screw you cafe lady!!!

I know not everywhere is like this and there’s a lot of fantastic welcoming places too and to them THANKYOU!!!!!!!!

Peace out!

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