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This one is for big families, other like minded people that thought having multiple children was a great idea! Oh it is I wouldn’t change it for the world but…..

How do you share your time?

It’s so easy to get into a rut of the mundane Groundhog Day style life. You wake up rush around getting ready for school and drop them off. Then amuse toddler all day pray he naps so I can clean the house/ watch kuwtk and have a hot cuppa. Retrieve kids from school and go home or to an after school club, rush around making dinner and then starts the bedtime prep! No you calm down! I know the excitement is all too much but that’s a normal week for us.

I hear people talk of this spending time doing things after school but I’m not sure where this time comes from?

Admittedly without the clubs we would have more time but they love them and are good at them and well we’re in too deep there’s no turning back now!

If we’re lucky at the weekend we might get a free day a free day that starts after swimming lessons or football maybe a birthday party thrown in for good measure, a free afternoon then it’s a bloody free afternoon, Damn it!

You wonder how to spend the day???

Chill day/afternoon to recharge your batteries for the next weeks rat race? Kids love chill days don’t they? About once a year! Otherwise they are bored and want to get out the box of doom that is the arts and crafts which lets be honest is most parent’s nightmare! Creating big cardboard heaps to sit around the house looking pretty, pretty damn ugly! I don’t mean it kid’s your creations are all beautiful and I keep them all. I don’t I’m sorry I don’t but one day if you happen to read this you will understand that your models are massive eye sores that only a mother can love.

So we go for a walk or play a game or procrastinate the day away folding washing and de-cluttering lego models from every nook and cranny. It can all be a little repetitive I need inspiration and new things to do?

Amongst all this running around spending quality time with the schooly’s is really tricky. Off course I listen to them read and read to them but to be honest it doesn’t get much better than that in the week. We take the kids to the clubs and watch them which is nice, the husband is Joes coach so that means they get a lot of time together doing their thing. However this isn’t always enough and leaves me constantly asking how Can i put in more quality time?

I try to take them out individually every now and then as a treat just for them but I’ve lost track of who’s next so I’ve decided I need to get back in track and sort it out.

I’ve decided I’m going to go through my calendar and block out times where I will do something be it big or small but recognise that they are the only one doing it with me.

A great idea a friend has also given me is to choose one night a month for each child and they get to stay up for an extra half hour to do something with Mum or Dad. This could be tricky as joe being the oldest by 3yrs stays up later than the others but maybe on those night he can read in bed? There’s a lot of thought going into this as you can probably tell it’s gonna be a bit trial and error but I am determined to find a way that we can all share the love and all feel special.

– bake a cake

– draw a picture

– play a game

– pamper each other

– lego

– pyjama walk

Ideas welcome I’d love to know what you like doing for a little one on one time??

Stan threw out another cracker this week…. Whilst in Waitrose I asked him to go and grab a cucumber to which he replied very loudly “il get a cockcumber” “I think you’ll find it’s called a cucumber darling” I replied in my sensible Mum voice “I know but I’m gonna call them cockcumbers that’s my new name for them” whilst giggling to myself I saw a lady chuckling into the tangerine stand. Only my son!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!


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