Yes I definitely remember..

I definitely remember I mean how could I have even forgot?

The destruction and determination of a toddling baby!

It’s fun guys, I mean it’s heart warming watching them take those first steps it brings tears to my eyes, for me it’s my favourite milestone and I remember them all taking their first steps so significantly. They toddle around like little drunk men for a few days and then that’s it they’re ready to hit the town, by hit the town I mean literally take out the town I mean left to his own devices I’m pretty sure he could destroy a whole village in a day!

But alas he settles for our house, opening drawers and throwing out the contents, getting into the bin (who knew veg peelings were so appealing), pulling down drinks and anything that he can stretch out his go go gadget arm to pull down, let him near the bathroom and well you know what happens in there I’m not gonna go into specifics.

After about 3 days of walking Frank realised he could climb! Yay! Now I’m all for encouraging gross motor skills but climbing into the window sill and planting slobbery kisses all of the window is not encouraged, using a ride on as a step ladder to climb on the toy kitchen is also not encouraged but this is what we are spending our days doing at present.


This is what happens when said child is removed from the window or anything he has mounted. He throws himself to the floor and does a very angry backwards crawl until he just sulks in a heap on the floor. He looks at me like I’m the meanest mummy in the world with his little chubby flushed face and his mop of hair all over the place.

So yeah that’s my update we’re living the dream clearing up one mess after the next and sipping prosecco like it’s going out of fashion!

It’s all good fun though right?


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