A New year…

As far as the tradition goes Christmas comes to a close and we start thinking about the new year. Hopes, dream’s, aspirations, trying to better ones self, give up the bad and start the good..

Giving ourselves goals is great we can always aspire to be better as life is what we make it, only we can change it, it’s not always an easy ride but we can certainly make it a little smoother.

Who’s losing a stone in jan? Every year it’s top of my list and it sucks, it’s such a rubbish way to start the new year!

January is hard money’s always tight after overspending at Christmas, everyone is on a bit of a low after the excitement of the Christmas build up and it’s all a little bit shit! There’s no beautiful displays to visit anymore, the decorations have come down, it’s not acceptable to drink prosecco everyday anymore (damn it) and everyone returns to work. People try to fill the void by planning their next big event be it a holiday, new home, birthday celebrations anything to make January a little easier and so the new year begins.

So do I want to lose a stone? I’d Love to but its bottom of my list this year, I’d much rather go into the new year feeling positive rather than negative. We overindulge at Christmas and we enjoy it, we share food, laughs and love and if the jeans get a bit tighter then so be it, a bit of reigning it in and the Pounds will come off, it might not happen in a week but at least you won’t feel shit about yourself starving hungry on some stupid fad diet that will just make you miserable. I’m not anti dieting I’ve been a slimming world member numerous times because it’s a balanced diet which works well with family life and I will return when I want to but I’m certainly not gonna beat myself up about it, I’ve had a lovely Christmas enjoying everything it brings and I’ve definitely got a few more days of prosecco drinking under my belt yet! The kids are still of school after all!

Let’s be kind to ourselves this jan go into the new year positive not depriving ourselves of things we love, make the journey a little less bumpy and ease ourselves in slowly, the 1st of jan is the start of a new year not the day you give up everything you love, and if you go into it feeling good it’s gonna make it a little easier surely? Let’s get through January first.

My main resolution is to get out more with the children, explore new places and appreciate the things in life that come for free.

Frank’s new year resolution is to sleep through the night! I’m so excited!😉

Stan said he’s giving up school!

Bella wants to do more with her family (princess)

Joe is going to be nicer to Bella!

I think we’re in for a good one!

Happy new year! I hope it’s kind to you all.


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