When it all get’s a bit too much….

December has been a monumentally crazy month!

Relentless, exhausting, exciting, expensive, beautiful, joyful, hard, testing, trying….

These are all word’s that have described my December, there has been high’s…

Watching the children beam in their school nativity’s and make me proud. (Even if Stan was just a stupid animal) His words not mine.

My daughter performing on stage at her annual ballet show and amazing me at how much she has improved, she made me beam with pride and I definitely had a few happy tears.


There’s also been a fair few of these. The children turn wild in December I seem to forget this every year and then it all resonates with me very quickly a bit like stubbing your toe, yes I have shut myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes just to try to get my shit together and find some more patience. Yes I have had a few deep breaths in the kitchen and yes I may have called my children various names under my breath! It’s been a challenging month to say the least.

Being told ‘I hate you’ from stroppy tired 10yr old wasn’t a highlight either. The school exhaustion from play’s, Parties, trips etc makes for some very grumpy kids il tell you.

The pressure of preparation for Christmas Day! It’s one day! One bloody day! I’ve decided I need to do a billion things all in preparation for Christmas. Why? It’s just another day, it was when I was considering fitting in a deep clean that I realised I was being ridiculous, I had to give myself a talking to and just stop! Stop with all the stress and pressure to make it so perfect, rid myself of the anxiety of trying to create the perfect Christmas and just enjoy it for what it is.

when it all gets too much just stop and remember why you are doing it? What Christmas means to you?

A day to spend with my family, laughing, playing, sharing, and making memories. No one is going to care how clean the house is, no one is going to care if I’ve matched all the wrapping or have the perfect outfit, no one!

So it’s stopped, the presents are wrapped the food is brought we have enough booze to sink a ship and enough sweets and chocolate to turn the kids into wild savages! It will be what we make it. There will be a dance off, there will be charades there may even be a few arguments! Ok there will deffo be a few arguments but it will be ours

we will be at home and we will be knee-deep in wrapping paper, I will make several lego models eat several pigs in blankets drink several glasses of prosecco and most importantly there will be love and laughter!

I hope you all have a great day and thankyou to everyone that has read my ramblings this year.

Here’s to 2018!

2 thoughts on “When it all get’s a bit too much….

  1. Well done for getting through it 🙂 like you said, sometimes we panic about the things that aren’t so important at Christmas (presents & turkey!) and forget what’s important on the day (spending time with family etc). Love the pics & hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🙂

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