Tis the season!

It’s been a hard past few weeks, between Frank and I we have had every bug going passing them back and forth, a few new teeth thrown into the mix, broken sleep, tired worn out overexcited kids all resulting in one frazzled slightly cray cray mumma! However we are coming out the other side and this little prince seems to be back to his normal self.

Stan is buzzing with all the excitement of Christmas and moody/ miserable all at the same time, he’s livid because he wanted to be an inn keeper in the school play and instead, in his words got “a stupid animal of your choice that doesn’t even speak” After much persuasion on my part to get him to even take part he has decided to be a crocodile! I say this with a giggle as I don’t think the teacher bargained on getting a crocodile in the Christmas production! There were no specifications on the animal. You stand out from the crowd boy, who wants to be ordinary after all? He’s gonna be the best crocodile there ever was!

This time of year is crazy busy what with school plays, costume prep (Thankyou Sainsbury’s fancy dress), Ballet show, rehearsals, Christmas fetes, Christmas parties, Christmas dinners…. the list goes on.

Seriously who’s handing out the medals because if I remember everything over the next week I want a big fat trophy! Ok I don’t I hate that sort of shit prosecco will do, il take prosecco.

My mind is boggled with dates, times, places and that’s just the kid’s diaries. It’s a fantastic month, the children are so lucky to do all these lovely things and the teachers must bust they’re balls! We appreciate you teachers!

It’s literally non stop I’m gonna be peeling the kids of the pavement come the last day of school, they are knackered already and so in need of the break and I can’t wait! Stan said to me today ” mum I don’t need to go to school anymore, I’ve learnt to read now” bless his heart if only he knew!

So along with the rest of the world the Buds are buzzing for Christmas! We are slowly getting into the festive spirit and actually managed a minor festive task at the weekend! Hooray! We made the easiest reindeer biscuits from good old Sainsbury’s. They are literally fool proof you just add butter and the kid’s decorated them without any help at all, they did a great job!

We visited our local Christmas market too which was lovely, they had a fake snow machine, music and fireworks, we all had a dance and enjoyed the festivities.

Who’s got their Christmas tree up? It seems everyone but us! I’m scared part of me just wants to draw one on the wall and be done with it but I’m not a grinch and the show must go on. It’s not gonna be pretty Frank’s gonna attack the tree daily, it’s gonna be savage! Ive been putting it off but I think the time has come, it’s two weeks before Christmas and it’s gotta happen he’s gonna be pooping pine needles peeps, wish me luck!

This is an idea?

Too much?

I have finally done some wrapping today and my head is feeling less cluttered with things to do, this makes me happy and I shall celebrate with Friday night prosecco! Have a great weekend!

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