Build each other up..

My 5 yr old came home this week telling me how it’s important to build each other up and be kind. It was the cutest thing and it really touched my heart.

They talk about values at school and how we can show these values to one another. They teach Respect, Friendship, Love, Forgiveness, Honesty and Tolerance. Values we should all hold and demonstrate on a daily basis, values we need to be decent human beings.

He told me how we should tell each other how good our “work” is and how we shouldn’t be cruel and say people’s “work” is rubbish.

The boy spoke a-lot of truth and it made me think about us as adults, I think we all could do with a gentle reminder sometimes of these values and what we are trying to teach our children, are we following these same values ourselves? We need to be demonstrating these in order for our children to follow.

Tolerance is definitely a tricky one for me especially when it comes to parenting, whilst sharing a car journey just yesterday Stanley sung “cauliflower’s fluffy and cabbage’s green” from the top of his lungs and on repeat! I generally wanted to shout “give it a rest” or shut my head in the window! The husband and I looked at each other after about the 3rd repeat both about to have a moan, both our brains frazzled from the constant rendition and we just laughed! He will tire soon I said let’s just let him have his moment if we’re lucky he’l fall asleep. It was painful but it was also painfully funny. It was definitely a gold star for me for tolerance.

Respect…. I think Respect is also a huge deal as a parent and also as a friend. In order to have good friendships we must respect that we are not all the same, we all have different beliefs, ways of doing thing’s and we must respect that and not judge. Some of us work full-time and put their children in nursery full-time, some of us don’t work and spend every minute with their little human’s, some juggle everything working part-time and part-time parenting, some of us may not work and put their kid’s into nursery for a break! Breast-feed, formula feed, follow baby led weaning or feed them Ella’s kitchen pouches to their heart’s content it is your own choice and should have no bearing on anyone else’s life.

Whatever we do, you do, I do, I respect that it’s your choice and we do what works for us, what pays the bills put’s clothes on our children’s back’s or even doesn’t, sacrifices and cut backs just to enjoy those first few years, like I said we’re all different and we need to respect that.

Honesty….. Honesty is a tricky one because whilst we should always be honest and not lie, as parent’s we tell our kid’s a whole stack of them on a daily basis. The Easter bunny, Father Christmas, elves, tooth fairy (I hate her by the way she’s got a lot to answer for, always bloody forgets!) Need I go on? Where do babies come from? How are they made?

What I didn’t bargain for was the ten year old shouting “Mum!””

“What’s mastifation, something like that?”


“Do you mean masturbation darling?”

“Yes that’s it”

“Ummmm why?”

“My friend asked the teacher at school”

“Oh ok and what did the teacher say?”

“You should probably ask your parent’s that one”

Off course they did, they didn’t want to be held responsible for corrupting the young mind’s of a whole class of 10yr olds!

It had been a talk about body changes, and what to expect. What would you do? Honesty? Is honesty always the best policy?

I won’t tell you my detailed answer mainly because it makes a little bit of sick hit my throat but I told him in a very tame way what it meant, and he found it quite hilarious. Of course he did!

What’s gonna be next?

In the last year we’ve had a discussion about how babies are actually made, he’s decided Santa’s not real and now this! I’m a little bit gutted he’s growing up so much and his innocent little mind is being slowly corrupted. God help me!

I’d love to know anyone else’s experiences with similar situations as I feel like I’m going into the next few years with blinkers on, send me a message and in the meantime il be drinking wine! That’s my honesty.

I’m also showing huge tolerance with his hormonal mood swing’s because quite honestly I sometimes feel like telling him to pack his bags!

Look at that face!

On a much sweeter note it is very lovely to hear my children coming home from school telling me how they have shown values of friendship that day.

Proud mumma


Photo credits to – Beth wood’s Aka The shutter mumma

Take a look her pics are amaze!!!

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