Happy Halloween 👻

It’s been a fairly quiet week in the Bud house, half term has been spent catching up with friend’s and mainly enjoying time with each other, we’ve had a fairly slow week for a change. The kid’s seem to have got on well and I think they’ve actually enjoyed each other’s company for a change.

It’s not all sunshine and roses I dedicate the moan of the week to my darling daughter, Bella is the most untidy person in the house, to say she doesn’t even close a draw behind her is only the beginning…. she leaves everything on the floor, clothes, wet towel, rubbish, her room has basically turnt into a skanky manky Girlcave! I found a mouldy bottle of orange juice down the side of her bed yesterday! Yup she’s a grime queen! Princess pike! She does not get it from me I can assure you of that, I’m pretty sure my bedroom was like a show room as a child with perfectly displayed bath pearl’s, Barbie’s fully clothed with not a hair out of place, trolls lined up in perfect order everything in its perfect place…. I’m sure of it. Excuse me whilst I go and polish my halo!


Remember these!!!!!

I moan at her daily to close her drawers, put washing in the wash, clean clothes back in drawer’s etc etc. Every single day I repeat myself so I decided to leave it for a few day’s, I thought maybe just maybe she might think “jeez this is getting bad I better tidy my room” Or “hmmm I can’t actually get into my bed maybe I should put some stuff away”

NOPE!! 3 day’s it hadn’t happened, I told her there was a possibility she might end up with a rat living in there with her! “But how mum I don’t understand how it’s going to get in? All the way upstair’s? How will it get through the door? She’s not stupid she called my bluff to which I shortly and snappily replied in a slightly psychotic voice “well obviously they can’t get in but you need to tidy your room so just get it done”

I’m trying to use a reward chart to encourage her to keep it tidy but the girl can go upstairs to brush her teeth, come down 5 minutes later without brushing them because by the time she got to the top of the stairs she had forgot what she was doing! Give me strength! Any tip’s on how to solve this problem would be appreciated????? #grotbag

Moving on…..I went out for the day on Saturday,Mr Bud was in charge, I told him not to face paint the baby………I received this…..

We had a little Halloween party to end the half term week on a high, we got dressed up, bobbed for apple’s, played musical zombies, sleeping vampire’s and ate a whole load of E-number’s! The kid’s loved life and we’re high as kite’s!

I found this great recipe on the Sainsbury’s website….

They were so easy to make and tasted delicious, such an easy thing to make with kid’s. I used chocolate buttons for the eyes and icing pen’s for the decoration no need to fanny around with icing powder, job done and I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty impressed with my handy work.

Happy Halloween hope you had a spooky one……………

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