1% more….

It started with a Sunday lunch, I love a Sunday roast with the fam, roast beef, Yorkshire pud’s, lashings of gravy it’s definitely in my top 3 favourite dinner’s. What I don’t love is being told whilst enjoying my Sunday lunch is that my son, the ten year old, loves Dad more than me……..

Yup you heard correctly the little sod love’s Mr Bud more than myself…… FUMING!

“Well we spend more time together, don’t we? He take’s me to football”

Football f-ing football! Excuse my French but jeeezzzz I pushed you out of my vagina boy!

Anywho I gently reminded Joe of the fact that I pretty much do everything else!! Run his social life, keep him fed, go to every school event going, ferry him around, take him out….. Anyway the conversation ended with Joe deciding it was only 1% more!

I’m not sure how I felt about this, I was a little hurt at first mainly because I don’t think he really realised what I do for him or have done for him, and I suppose why should he it’s what he has always known and that’s my job after all. Do I doubt his love for me? Not for a single second, I am his confidant and he still kisses me goodbye at the school gates (this is big for a 10yr old).

The Boy has a true passion for football and that is something we don’t have in common, his father however is an avid football fan and shares delight in taking him to games and even coaching his team. They regularly go to games along with Joe’s half brother, they come back with sore throat’s from singing football songs and smiling from ear to ear!

So if that’s what the 1% comes down to then Mr Bud il let you have it, il stand on the sidelines and let you have that 1% because I’m so glad that you have that bond and can share your passion’s. I hope that in 30yrs time you are still going to the game together and I’m pretty sure you will be, il be waiting for your return home with a Sunday roast and even though you love your Dad 1% more il still save you the last Yorkshire pudding.

3 thoughts on “1% more….

  1. We are not here yet. But I totally get what your saying. That bond must make your heart burst. So sweet. And really, if the chips were down, he would totally want you fist. Lol

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