Caffeine & conversation….

We are now in the full throw of baby group’s, baby singing we’ve even ventured to rhyme time at the local library which Frank loved! Frank is really starting to enjoy playing and exploring, turning pages in books and pushing along car’s. His favourite pastime is still emptying the DVD cupboard on a daily basis and I don’t think he’s giving that up any time soon. When we go to group’s he crawls around nuzzling his way through the multicoloured carnage and hoover’s up any crumb’s in his path! The boy loves life!

There can be such a stigma around mother and baby group’s, I mean it can certainly be intimidating walking into a room full of mum’s, wondering where you fit in? You may even think you’d rather watch paint dry than hear about little jimmy’s eczema or how to make organic baby food but this is just a perception, People don’t do this, at least none I’ve met.

The reality is a room full of mum’s and dad’s (mainly mum’s) dying for all the caffeine, possibly feeling a bit fuzzy from too much wine the night before! Just Happy to have some adult conversation whilst their child burn’s of some energy because as we know an afternoon nap is a parent win!! Feet up hot drink! We deserve a lunch break too ya know!

We are all in the same boat trying to do our best and not always getting it right, im pretty sure someone could raise you your shit morning for a worse one! Only a parent will know how a broken biscuit can ruin the day or how hiding behind a cupboard door and eating a chocolate bar in 3 bites become’s a way of life! “What you chewing mum?” “Nothing darling!” They see everything I tell you!

To peel the banana skin or not? That is the question! Heaven forbid you get this wrong!

Thank’s to these group’s I have gained a great support network of mummy friend’s, People i can relate to about every day life, that totally get me and don’t judge, we can moan about lack of sleep, and compare notes on said child’s poo, rash, behaviour, milestone, you name it we talk about it! Partner’s, Boobs, weight the list goes on… also they make fantastic drinking partner’s! ( mum’s are like seasoned pro’s when it come to sinking a bottle of wine)

Those friendly faces on a shit morning can turn your day around, they certainly do mine, just knowing your not alone or you’re not the only one whose child was being a total prat this morning, it help’s, it really bloody helps! Your not the only one harbouring mummy guilt for a less than perfect morning because you forgot to make a pack lunch and your child doesn’t like the dinner menu. (If they are hungry they will eat) I look forward to going to baby group’s to see these people, share a coffee and know that we’re all in the same boat, that we’re not alone in our worries whatever they may be that day.

Being a stay at home mum these group’s have kept me sain! I hate the phrase mum friend’s, we may have met because we were mum’s, that was our common ground but now these people are just ‘friend’s’ there’s no category and I am bloody chuffed to have them in my life! So whilst my life revolves around these little human’s I’m lucky enough to have some pretty great people to share the journey with and for that I am thankful.


In other New’s we have a school councillor in the house!!! I’m so bloody proud, Stan is the least confident of my brood and I feel like he is just going to thrive this year! He wrote his own speech and had to be voted in by his class members! He has recently started football training and swimming lesson’s and his new found confidence is surprising me every day! You’ve got this kid!!!

My heart nearly burst with pride when I asked Bella if she was disappointed to not be a school councillor and her reply was “No mum because I was just so happy for Stan” she really has a heart of gold, we could all learn a thing or two from this girl!

6 thoughts on “Caffeine & conversation….

  1. Love reading your blog Tash. All so true and yes, we all feel like this all the time and it’s pretty shitty that we don’t all talk about it! Thanks for letting us know we’re not alone 😘

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  2. I struggle with mum groups still. Sometimes I love them sometimes I’m dying inside. But he loves them so we try to go! Great post. It’s making me think I just need to get on with it 😘

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