What’s in a name?

Picking baby names is exciting stuff! I remember trawling through baby books and surfing the web creating the perfect list of baby names. Of course some people have already decided years prior to even being pregnant exactly what they will call their children and how many they will have even. Some names as soon as you hear it you know that it’s the one, the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

That being said a lot of thought can go into picking a name, some things you may not even think of, here’s some things you may want to consider…..

what’s the meaning? Tristan for example means sad and the Scottish name Cameron means crooked nose! (You could be tempting fate there)

Does it suit the siblings names?

How does it sound with the surname? For example our surname is really long and tricky to spell so we have given the children fairly easy to spell name’s

Initials? BJ for example (awks) hey beth? Kids home in on this sort of shizz

Can the name grow with them? Some names are very sweet but imagine a full grown man/woman with that name? Does it still fit?

What does it rhyme with? As much as I love Annie we all know what it rhymes with and rhyming word’s are deffo something to consider…

My darling mother who wasn’t keen on the name Bella did once suggest that Bella may one day be referred to as Bell-end! Thankfully this hasn’t arise’d yet however she is only 6, I live in hope that not everyone has the same sick mind as my mother!

So I’ve been totally winning at this naming malarkey, at least I like to think so, I’ve always loved the name Frank and as soon as we knew he was a boy he was Frank! AKA…… Frank the tank, Frankenstein, Frankus maximus, bubs, need I go on?

YES I do need to go on because what we didn’t plan for, what didn’t even enter our thought process was….. wait for it…… Frank the wank!!!!!

Yup you heard correctly my poor little poppet, my little baby prince was gifted this name from his brother Stan age 5 one day over Sunday lunch, just picture it everyone enjoying the Sunday roast nanny is there too we’re all talking, complimenting Mr Bud on another outstanding roast dinner and at the top of his lungs Stan starts singing “Frank the tank, Frank the wank, Frank the wank, Frank the wank, Frank the wank………… ” he held the note for quite some time, it was pretty impressive he was pretty impressed with himself, his new song “Frank the wank” Que an out burst of laughing from me and the hubster! We couldn’t hold it in it! Stan had no idea what it meant it was purely just a rhyming word, a rhyming word that we instantly laughed at! (Who wouldn’t? No judgement here please)

Of course Stan thought this was great we had all laughed therefore he continued to sing his song giggling away thinking he was hilarious!and then it had to stop! Poor little innocent Frank can not be the bearer of such name!

We told Stan we simply preferred Frank the tank and encouraged this more, I’m not gonna lie it took a while and Frank the wank still crops up now and again, my niece age 3 greeted us in the park one day with “Hi Franky the wanky” Shrieked across the park at about 100 decibels “what was that darling? Frank the tank?” (Nothing to see here)

I still love the name Frank maybe even a little more now! It just goes to show even when you think your winning a name can still be full of surprises as can children they alway’s find ways of surprising us when we least expect it!

Milestone of the week- Frankie is now pulling himself up to standing!

One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. Talking about names. I read an artixle the other day where a couple had named their daughter Kviiilyn. K-viii-lyn. K-eight-lyn.

    Yes, they used Roman numerals in the name to attempt to make Katelyn more original.


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