Mid summer slump…

Is slump even a word? It sound’s fitting so I’m going with it. The fourth week of the summer hols was a tough one and I feel like a toy that’s running out of batteries, my summer holiday fun mum mojo is slipping and a mixture of sleep deprivation along side space invading and endless mum, mum, mumming has left me feeling a bit of grouch. The sheer amount of food consumption in this house is out of control, as quick as I fill the cupboard’s they are empty! I know this sounds very boring but it’s reality, reality of looking after 4 kids day in day out trying to keep everyone happy, sharing myself around, 4 different children who all want a piece of me, trying to give them a fantastic summer and coming out the other side in one piece! It ain’t easy I’m telling ya, I need plugging in and re-charging or maybe a nights sleep? Please Frank?

Stan has been hard work, he’s like a little whirlwind of uncertainty one minute he’s happy the next he’s angry, not at anyone in particular just in his own little world, I can’t seem to get anything right with him. Which gets me thinking, are we cutting out the middle man? Is this middle child syndrome people speak of? Is he unsure of his place in the family with the arrival of his baby brother? he has gone from being my baby to having to step it up a bit, he’s started school and now is in the summer holidays with no routine not knowing what’s going on from one day to the next. A lot of his behaviour is very attention seeking, using silly words annoying his brother and sister, being very loud and generally irritating. I often try finding fault in myself, what am I doing wrong? I have done a few one on one activities with him to try and give him extra mummy time but I’m at a loss as to what else I can do other than just hope it’s a phase and I get my lovely little prince back soon. Here’s a few pics from this week….img_1608img_1483-1Can I just add if I hear the word ballsack one more time! (yes you heard that correctly) Ballsack! Stanley think’s it is the funniest thing in the world ever! A particular highlight was when we were walking down the road with Stan singing nick back paddy wack give a dog a ball sack and the kind lady corrected him “I think it’s actually a bone darling” thankfully she gave me a little grin and didn’t totally judge my parenting!

Did I mention Frank has started crawling?! He does this funny little crawl where he kicks one leg out to the side like a little sea turtle making its way to the water. I get very emotional about developmental first’s and it brings tears to my eyes seeing my little sea turtle crawling around. I now need to do a safety control check on the whole house as it seems our house has slowly turned into one big death trap with lego lurking in every corner! oh and loom bands, bloody loom bands! (If ya know ya know)

So as we enter the final few weeks of the summer holidays I’m gonna pull myself together and enjoy some more fun times with these incredibly delicious humans we have created. I’m gonna make some more shitty picnics visit some more parks,pray Stan’s mood improves and do my best to create some more happy memories with my favourite crowd, even better we get to spend the last week with by the sea with Mr Bud!!!!

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