Booby Babies….

Does a booby baby make a clingy baby?

I have breast fed all my babe’s to a degree but Frank is my biggest accomplishment (boob wise) he is still on the boob at nearly 9 month’s! I mainly expressed with Joe, I was only 20 when I had him, I felt uncomfortable feeding in public and was to scared and shy to ask for any help so I expressed until my milk dried up which wasn’t long, about a month if I remember correctly.

Bella…. well feeding Bella was awful I remember the toe curling agony early on and again I wasn’t confident at asking for help, I got mastitis very early on when Bella was about a week old, the pain!!! Well the mastitis was followed by an abscess caused by a blocked duct, it was awful I had to go to the hospital with my newborn every week to have a lump the size of a golf ball drained with a syringe! The whole experience was harrowing, after ultrasounds and a biopsy it took nearly a year before I was abscess free.

Then came Stan, I decided I would put him to the boob but I wasn’t going to stress if it didn’t go well, I would ask for help and if i was uncomfortable i would formula feed him, I was so scared about getting another abscess. I did it I rang that hospital bell and a lovely midwife sat by bed side helping me feed my beautiful boy and he took to it like a duck to water.

When I fell pregnant with Frank it was a given, I was going to feed him and that was all there was to it. My sister had not long had a baby and had sourced some amazing advice from a local group called the baby bar and in particular a fantastic midwife called Rachel Fitz-Desorgher. I got off to a fairly bleak start feeding Frank he had a pretty good latch but didn’t seem to have a very good suck, Frank wasn’t gaining weight and although he hadn’t dropped any the local midwives wouldn’t discharge me untill he had gained a certain amount.

Que the feeding frenzy, the midwives had me pumping, eating, pumping, eating, resting, RESTING! yeah right I have 3 other children and a baby attached to my boob and when he wasn’t on there I had a machine attached instead milking me like a cow! I deserved a bloody medal!. I still wasnt producing enough milk and was told I needed to give him formula top up’s and sent on my way. I was so deflated doing everything in my power and getting no where, then I went to the baby bar…

I explained to Rachel what was going on and within minutes she had diagnosed a tongue tie, because of Frank’s tongue tie he was suckling like a tiny baby therefor I was only producing enough milk for a tiny baby. Frank was not a tiny baby and wanted all the milk and more! Rachel showed me some feeding techniques, a lot more natural and comfortable and none of this strictly come breastfeeding (Rachel’s words) nose to nipple and all that malarkey! Rachel is all about comfort and ease, keeping a hand free to eat, help other child etc. We had Frank’s tongue tie released privately a few days later and after a few weeks he got stronger and stronger and eventually after a few month’s he didn’t need his top up’s, I did it!! Ask for help ladies it’s so worth it!

I continued to visit the baby bar as the information is so interesting and the ladies are lovely, I could truly listen to Rachel talk all day, the knowledge she has when it comes to babies is incredible. They also give you free coffee and homemade cake, Winning!

This bring’s me back to my original question, is a booby baby a clingy baby? because 9 months later my little booby baby is so in sync with me he doesn’t want to ever be far from me, we have co-slept on and off (never did this with the others but it saved me in the early days of sleep deprivation), he is instantly soothed just being near my skin. I have tried to let him self soothe in his cot and he will not have it, ive always done a bit of control crying previously and it worked but this is a different ball game, so do I keep going? put him in his cot? let him cry? or do I snuggle him in and enjoy the cuddles? enjoy these quiet moments and let my baby feel safe and secure close to his mummy. Clinging on as if nature intended, clinging on to love, closeness and a feeling of being safe and secure.

I think I’m going to go with my heart and just embrace these moment’s as someone said to me “you might miss them when they come to an end” which they will, time goes so quick and we never get it back. Being clingy,s not so bad as long as I can get some sleep i think il take the cuddles whilst i can.

For anyone interested Ratchel has a book she has recently written it is on amazon and in many stores such a Waterstones, here is a link to it….

One thought on “Booby Babies….

  1. Your so right! They are only babies for a year. I love my cuddly boy. Cuddly not clingy 😀 X


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