Summer Holiday’s ☀️

The summer holiday’s are here and we are loving life (kinda) well Stan’s buzzing like he’s eaten a grab bag of skittles!

It’s great that we have no crappy school run’s to do and can have fun enjoying each other’s company, making lots of memories but jeez it’s exhausting! Having to plan thing’s to do everyday especially with this shoddy English weather being so unpredictable! I hate making picnic’s, in fact I’m sick of the sight of them, and I don’t even make the sandwiches! I palm that job of to the husband!

Ive made a list of thing’s we would all like to do over the next 6 weeks and 2 week’s in I feel like I need to book myself into a day spa! That being said I love our little adventures, that’s half my problem, I like to keep busy.

It has been really lovely cosying up in the evening’s without having to rush the kids to bed for school and having early morning snugs. The last few days they have all started to get on and appreciate each other a little more too (dare I say it)


We had a nice weekend at Warwick castle, it definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there, the grounds are lovely and the bird show is fantastic! We took a picnic for the first day which was a good shout as the food que’s were huge! Word of warning the dungeon’s are definitely not child friendly, Bella was out in tears within about 3 minutes, scarred for life? I hope not but definitely not the best parenting decision made there! What we also didn’t realise until the second day is that Warwick town is literally right next to the castle and it’s a really lovely town definitely worth a visit.

In other New’s baby Frank has been trying to crawl so these summer hol’s could get more interesting! Wish me luck!


Quote of the week by Bella age 6 talking to her brother on our way to Warwick castle “when I’m like 20 mum and dad will definitely be dead”

fantastic darling! she obviously see’s us as very old…(sobs)

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