Where it all began…

I became a mum just before my 21st birthday to my gorgeous Joe. The moment I found out my world flipped upside down and I wouldn’t change it for the world!
I look young right?
Ten years on we have 4 children together and I have 2 step children. I know what your thinking… she’s mad?! Maybe.. she’s nuts?!.. sucker for punishment? I’ve heard it all.. Crazy?? Yes! In love.
I love love love being a mum! Don’t get me wrong at times I hate it, I hate being moany mum (which I am a lot) I like clean (kid’s are not clean) I also like sleep, actually I love sleep! Well Frank our latest addition isn’t keen he’d much rather suck my boob most of the night and get extra cuddles.
This being said I love watching them grow, learn new things, accomplish milestones, laugh and have fun, I love them! Every hair on their head’s. Fourth time round and I still feel like a first time mum, I welled up finding little Frank’s first tooth! I feel lucky to be their mum and appreciate the time I have spent at home with them being a full time mum for the past six years.
Whilst watching these little humans grow I am so aware of how quick time goes so I wanted to create this blog to savour moment’s, celebrate milestones and share a little bit of us, just a normal family living a normal life surrounded by some pretty awesome people.IMG_8231

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